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Welcome! I’m Mike Adams. I’m the founder, editor-in-chief, head “guinea pig”, and host of HandmadeIncome.com. If you’ve ever asked yourself questions such as:

  • Can I make money selling my handmade products online?
  • Should I sell on Etsy? What about on Handmade at Amazon, eBay or other websites?
  • How do I open an online store on my own website?
  • How can I increase sales on my Etsy store (or other online store)?
  • How do I price my products to maximize profits without turning people off?
  • How can I build a brand, and not just a store?
  • Who is my target audience, and how do I reach them?

Then, you’re in the right place!

Why HandmadeIncome.com?

These are questions I’ve asked myself. In fact, the catalyst to start HandmadeIncome.com came out of personal experience.

In April ’14, my wife and I opened an Etsy store called Busy Bee Burlap. I thought running a successful, increasingly profitable Etsy store would be easy. I was wrong.

Then it hit me. I realized that if I’m struggling to figure it out, there are probably others that need help, too. So, I considered how I could help myself, and help others at the same time.

I know technology. I know business and marketing. I also enjoy teaching.

Surely there’s a way to use my background and my personal interests to help others that also want to start and grow a successful online business. I would need to take a non-traditional approach since I wouldn’t (couldn’t, really) claim that I’m an “Etsy guru” or a “Handmade at Amazon expert”, or any other type of expert.

That’s when I had an “Aha!” moment. Read about my unique approach on the “Start Here!” page.

And so my journey began.

Mission and Goal for Handmade Income

My mission with HandmadeIncome.com is to inspire, to educate, to encourage, and to help others attain success in selling their handmade products online. Since Etsy is such a popular place to sell these products, I put a lot of focus on growing an increasingly profitable Etsy shop.

I love selling on Etsy. And while it’s a great place to start, I firmly believe you need to think larger than Etsy to build a sustainable, long-term business and brand. By this, I mean you will eventually need to expand your sales channels to other platforms. Most important - to your own website that will serve as your “home base”! 

My goal is to equip you - the entrepreneur - with the best information, tips, tools, and resources to help you start and grow a successful online store. Learn how I can help on my “Start Here!” page.

Here’s the deal…

I don’t have any “secrets” to share, and nothing I teach or promote will help you “get rich quick”. Exactly the opposite. Success will only come with hard work, determination, and doing more of the stuff that works, and less of the stuff that doesn’t work.

Etsy isn’t the only place to sell handmade, creative, or vintage products online, but it is the most popular. If you aren’t on Etsy, don’t worry! While I focus a lot on Etsy, I also share strategies, tools, tips, resources, and information that apply to other online stores, as well.

If any of this sounds good to you, please join me on the journey and subscribe to my free newsletter below.

About Mike

HandmadeIncome.com Owners Mike & Michelle

Celebrating 20 years of marriage at Disney World. March ’14.

I have an incredible family! My beautiful wife, Michelle, and I celebrated 21 years of marriage in March 2015. She’s simply amazing. I like to say we’re still on the honeymoon after all of these years.

We have 3 awesome kids - two boys and a princess. They keep us laughing and running like crazy! Did I mention they’re awesome?

We also have a mischievous Mini-Schnauzer named Snickers. He’s a pretty cool dog.

Here's our family in 2015. We try not to take life too seriously.

Here’s our family in 2015. We try not to take life too seriously.

I’m a Healthcare IT professional by day, with almost 20 years of experience in software development, website design and development, sales and marketing, training, project management, and various leadership roles in Fortune 100 companies. I have an undergraduate degree in Computer & Information Sciences from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas and an MBA from Auburn University. War Eagle!

We live just south of Nashville in the beautiful, gentle rolling hills of Tennessee.

Let’s Connect

I’d love to hear from you. Tell me about your successes or challenges in selling your handmade treasures online. Let’s learn and grow our businesses together.

You can reach me through my Connect page, or on Facebook or Twitter. You can also subscribe to my free newsletter that includes valuable tips and resources.

Stop Dabbling. Start Selling.